Fall into Fashion- The Essentials

Fall is here, winter looms, and we are not ready to start thinking about those heavy coats just yet. So, what are you to wear during fall? Fall is a season where you can be adventurous with your fashion styles. Fall fashion is highly unpredictable and is different from summer where everyone is trying to have as few clothes as possible on. During the fall season, you can play around more fashion items.

While shopping for fall fashion essentials, if you are looking for trendy fashion items, it is even better if you get fashion items that never go out of trend. The best part of which is that you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. If you need some inspiration for fall fashion, we’ve put together a list of fashion essentials for fall.

Enjoy the photos of me in my favorite fall essentials 🙂

Lets talk fur!

How can you go through fall/winter without some fir to jazz it all up??whether you like the quality of real fur or the affordability of Faux fur, get some fur in your life this season. It’s stylish, edgy, classy and adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your look no matter how you choose to style it.

White Shirt

The white button-down shirt is a must-have fashion essential for fall, and it can be used as a foundation for different fashion styles. You can pair it with denim, a plaid blazer, and loafers or even a pair of ankle boots. Or for a more corporate style, you can tuck it into a pencil skirt and wear a pair of heels, and slay at your place of work. You will never get exhausted of ways to style your white-button down this fall. The good thing about the white button-down shirt is that it is a staple. That is you can wear it year after year as it never goes out of trend.



Leggings are super comfortable during fall whether you want to wear them at home to relax on your couch, go for a mall cruise while wearing a sweater on it or as a layer under a skirt for extra warmth. Leggings fit into almost everything casual and laid back so you should have it. It is one of those fashion essentials that never go out of style too. You can wear a pair of leggings all day long so far you are not going to work or doing anything corporate for that day. For your gym sessions and yoga classes, there are sports leggings you could wear.



The denim trend is not going anywhere this fall, was around last year and it definitely will be around during the next autumn season. If you run out of things to wear during fall, we are sure denim never fails. You can get denim in different sizes, styles, washes, and fits, and you can rock them in different ways too. Denim and button-down white shirt go hand-in-hand, and will surely make a suitable outfit for a casual outing or date. It is another fashion staple that works just well year in year out and this year should not be an exception.



Owning a well-fitted blazer is one wardrobe investment you will never regret. It never goes out of trend, and it leaves you looking sharp every season. Get one that is well-fitted, wear over a V-neck t-shirt or button-down shirt on top of a pencil skirt to achieve a classy corporate look. On chilly mornings, your blazer can serve as a jacket to minimize the cold. Pick a style that has quite enough room beneath it so you can wear thicker clothing under it. With the right styling, your blazer can be worn in fall and even winter. And the best part; you can wear it with almost anything.


Ankle Boots

There is nothing as good as a white button-down shirt, your favorite denim and a lovely pair of ankle boots. It is a match made in heaven. Now imagine you put a navy blue blazer on it – it’s a look that screams “fall.” You could as well switch up the colors of your boots by getting more than one pair. But a black pair of ankle boot with block heel can never go wrong in this season.


Oversized Knit Sweater or the classic Turtle neck

Are you thinking cozy? Yes, that is exactly what we think too. A thick cashmere or wool sweater over your leggings, denim, skirt or pant will make a perfect combination for this fall season. A thick sweater to show that you are ready for fall is not out of place.  If a bulky sweaters is not your thing, the classic black turtle neck will do. You can style it however you like, dress it up or down, make it business casual or super casual. How do you like how I styled mine?

Which essentials are on your list? Leave a comment.

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