The Panties-Pants? – Fashion Forecast: Spring 2019

Is there anything as exciting and anticipated as fashion month/Week? It’s the time when we get to see yet again what the lawmakers in fashion have deemed appropriate to wear for the season to come. And so we saw… And it was full of excitement and when I say excitement, I mean we literary can’t wait to wear these 5 hot, new trends. Here are our top picks.


Harpers Bazaar.jpg

If there is one trend, we could say every single designer agreed on for the upcoming warmer months, well, that will be crochet. Whether you are a fan or not you can’t deny how cool it looks to wear a nice maxi crochet dress while you are strolling through the beach. And not to be mistaken, this look can be worn on many occasions. As designers show you can upscale and go all out or downsize and stick to a single top. It’s your fashion choice.


Harpers Bazaar 1.jpg

Ah yes, the color of the sun has once again become our best friend for the spring/summer 2019 season. And how could you ever deny this cool color? It literary screams summer. So much so that it makes every single one of us sad that this one is over. But with all the bright yellow outfits we can buy during the cold winter, we’ll have something to keep us warm until the sun shines bright as the color itself.



The naked look just doesn’t want to go away. It started years ago with celebrities wearing the transparent dresses that cleverly covered the important parts and even more so reveled others. And it seems like everyone just wants more of it. So you can’t say that designers create clothes and trends that no one can wear. They actually listen to their audience and tend to give them creative solutions. So if you were thinking of retiring your sheer tops and dresses you might want to reconsider.


Harpers Bazaar 2.jpg

The number one fashion trend from the sixties is also making a great comeback for the next season. If you had a mother or an auntie that used to be a flower child in the 60’s make sure you pay her a visit and ask if you could raid her closet. From tops to dresses and even tie dye denim. Go all out on this one, there’re  definitely no rules.



And this last trend might be the edgiest one of all. Following the growing trend of wearing visible underwear or even underwear as clothes, the designers have decided to create a new kind of pants. The panties-pants. Yes, you’ve heard and seen that right. There were a lot of designers offering you pants with no pant legs. Just the fit of panties with a variety of choices and even ones made in denim. Don’t be surprised if you see your extremely fashionable colleague sporting one of these bad boys on her vacation. Because let’s face it, that might be the only place anyone will ever wear them. To a place where no one knows who you are. lol

I guarantee you won’t catch me in one of these… But hey, do you girl!


So what’s your Signature?

Which one of these will you be sporting next spring?

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