5 Reasons Your Jeans Might Be Ill-fitting

5 reasons jeans don't fit

Have you bought denim trousers only to realize that they do not fit you properly when you wear them? This happens when you don’t buy jeans that are your size and quite frankly, jeans are the most challenging type of clothing to shop. This is mainly because one size of jeans does not fit everybody, so you need to check all the parts of the jeans and make sure that it fits you perfectly.

To help with this problem that almost everybody goes through, we will be looking at some reasons why your jeans might be ill-fitting. We will be discussing some parts of your body and how your jeans should feel when you wear them. This knowledge will be useful when you go shopping for your next pair of jeans.

  1. The jeans feel too tight behind or around the crotch

Your jeans should feel free around the crotch area. If it does not, the fit is not right. If there are lines around there and you keep pulling at the jeans, it means only one thing; tight jeans. If the waist size fits and the only problem with the jeans are around the crotch, then you should check out a larger size. If a larger size does not fit perfectly around the waist, you could still buy the jeans and adjust them at the waist later. A perfect pair of jeans wouldn’t sag from behind; if there is too much room, check a smaller size or choose another style of jeans entirely.


  1. Too short

Sometimes, you may find the right jeans that fit perfectly, and when you try them on, you will realize that they are too short. This happens mostly with skinny jeans, and typically, jeans are known to shrink when washed and dried. If this happens to you, find ways to increase the length. You can open the hem of the pants or add an extra cuff to the bottom. You can even take the extra step by shortening the jeans further and convert them into capris. If these look like too much work for you to do, discard the jeans.

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  1. Too long

This is another problem albeit a less serious one. If you are wearing the long jeans on high heels, the problem is solved, but if you are wearing sneakers and flats, then you have to either find a way to reduce the length or find another pair of jeans. If you choose to shorten the length, you can roll them or permanently reduce the length to the desired size by having a tailor cut and sew it back for you.

  1. Tight Waist (Or too Loose)

Women face this issue with jeans a lot of times. The jeans might even slide on well and fit perfectly, but it becomes a problem to pull up the zipper and button up (And sometimes the opposite happens where its too big). This happens mostly with skinny jeans, and this is not supposed to be so. Skinny jeans are designed to be tight but not so much to the point of snuffing the life out of you. You should kill fashion and not the other way round. If your skinny jeans make you feel uncomfortable in the slightest way, please drop them. Blood circulation and oxygen to your brain is more important.lol


  1. Zip issues

Zipper issues are independent of fit issues, and when you buy jeans with a bad zipper, it tells a lot about the quality of the jeans. A bad zipper could range from being unable to pull the zipper up or the refusal of the zipper to stay up when walking. This can be frustrating, and it is not something you want to put up with. Simply drop the jeans or change the zipper if you love the jeans so much.



Buying the perfect pair of jeans is not simple work, and you have to be lucky to find one that fits you right away. There are things to look out for and knowing these things will go a long way in helping you choose jeans that fit you impeccably. The above points should be taken along with you every time you go jeans shopping, and there is a high guarantee that you will know what to do with every type of jeans you find. Godspeed in your search for the perfect jeans!!

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