5 Fashion Trends To Switch Up Before 2018 Ends!

Hey fashion lovers! I know you are all too familiar with the fashion trends that have taken over 2018. We practically see them EVERYWHERE! Ugh, its almost sickening, but even I have taking part in a few. lol.

However, as a fashion conscious gal, it’s a known fact that trends do not last forever. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll see that based on my posts, I don’t pull my hair out trying to follow them.

There is a shelf-life for everything and fashion is not excluded. Sometimes, it makes sense to bring back some classics and make them trendy all over again. But to be honest, new trends will not exist if we don’t let go of the old. To help you get started, today, we’ll take a look at the trends you can easily cycle out.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging, I’ll also be giving you replacement suggestions.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


  • 1-Cold shoulder dresses

Cold shoulder dresses were widely worn in the past year, and we believe it has stayed too long on the scene. Instead of cold shoulders, ruffles make a much better replacement. Ruffles are softer, more feminine and romantic to look at. There is no way you wouldn’t fall for the femininity that comes with ruffles.

Ruffle dress by Miusol HERE more options HERE


  • 2-Fringe Bags


Fringe bags dominated the trends from last year, and almost every casual looks were not complete without the inclusion of fringe bags. Some people still have theirs and continue to carry their fringed bags like it’s no man’s business, but quite honestly, we are tired of seeing them. Enough of the fringes; get rid of them.

A worthy alternative that you can switch to is tassel bags. Fashion enthusiasts are gradually accepting tassel bags, and there is no other reason for this other than its simplicity. Unlike fringe bags that have a playful outlook about them, tassel bags can be worn with formal dresses.

Bags HERE and more HERE | Charms HERE more playful option HERE


  • 3-Corset Belts

Last year, we witnessed the use of corset belts being worn on the runways and in everything fashion. But, as it is common with belts, a specific type of belt never stays in trend for too long. If you are thinking of wearing corset belts for the rest of this year, how about you switch to other types of belts. A classic wide belt is a great idea, and you can wear it in different colors to match your outfits.

Waist Belt HERE


  • 4-Skinny Jeans

This is special because this is not a new trend per se, and I personally LOVE a good skinny jeans and I know for SURE this is not going anywhere, it’s not even considered a trend but more of a fashion STAPLE at this point. But ladies, its time to experiment with more styles.

Fashion lovers are gradually shifting from the skinny jeans to much-freer denim trends like mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and even going back to the classic boot-cut.  Mom jeans are slim-fitted, high-waist, shorter in length and more conservative. In the right photo above, you can see me rocking the Boyfriend jeans, which although has a relaxed fit, is still as fun and trendy as the skinny I’m wearing on the left. So try them out!

NYDJ Relaxed fit HERE | Boyfriend jeans HERE | Mom jeans HERE | TheMorgan Relaxed Skinny HERE


  • 5-Skater Sneakers

Do away with your skater sneakers and go for the sneakers with a lot of colors in them. Color-blocked shoes have taken over the runway this year, and it is probably your cue to switch trends too

Color-block Sneakers HERE


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