My Single Valentine

My Single Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and singles around the world may be feeling some loneliness or gloom but let’s look at the bright side!

There are so many benefits to being single while you’re in waiting for your prince or princess charming.

❤️ You still have your freedom to go anywhere and do anything at a drop of a dime. Once you get married, you’ll need to be accountable to your spouse before you up and go.

❤️ You still have your own space to yourself! You go and come as you please, keep your apartment how you like, keep it as clean as you want or as messy as you want which I don’t recommend of course.

❤️ The only one getting on your nerves in the meantime is you! Partners have a way of working your last nerve sometimes. But until then, enjoy your peaceful bliss 😀

❤️ Lastly, for singles, we still get to live in the anticipation of a fairytale, and that my friends, is the best feeling when you finally find the ONE!

❤️ So this Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself, show some love to the most important people in your lives and enjoy your single-hood!

Most importantly, stay beautiful and comfortable on your Val’s day outing!


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