Winter Bag packing

Hey beautiful style lovers! Happy cyber Monday! Today I wanna drop a really simple but yet stylish addition to your wardrobe this season. It’s all about bag packs! Honestly  all I need is a motorcycle 🏍 to finish off this look😊. #bikergirl

When winter rolls around, I love pulling out my backpack 🎒 It just makes everything stylishly easier. I can throw in gloves 🧤 scarf 🧣 phone 📱wallet, 🧢 and free up my hands! Or if you have kids, you can throw in baby wipes, diapers, feeding bottles or whatever you’d like. Perhaps you’re heading to work or a business meeting, your laptop can fit right in… You can live life in style and get them in different colors! Don’t be scared to carry one as long as it’s cohesive with you outfit!

I got mine on amazon. They’ve got some great styles and colors to choose from. check them out in the link attached!!!

Click HERE to grab yours!



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